Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eyes Lips Face Haul

Left to Right: Matte, Matte, Copper, Chocolate, Smoky Brown, Nude,
Fire Coral, Mango Madness, Lilac, Mint Cream & Teal Blue

I always do this... Vow to not spend any money until something ambiguous happens and then BOOM! I get an email saying there is a sale or free shipping or I break a nail and think a dozen new nail polishes will make me feel better. Well, in all fairness, new nail polish does make me feel better, but my bank account disagrees.

At least e.l.f.'s polishes are only $2 so it's not like I was breaking my already broken bank. Honestly I had no choice other than to buy them, if I didn't who would?! We can't just let them sit in storage all alone...

These polishes aren't bad for $2. Some of them have a pretty pungent smell which sucks, but my room constantly smells of acetone and nail polish so I'm sure no one will notice the difference. I will say that the swatches and photos of the bottles on the website are seriously misguiding. For the most part they are just lighter than reality, but still.

The nail polish remover pads are great! They are citrus scented which is nice if you're around people sensitive to the harsh smell of regular remover. I probably used 3 to remove polish from all my nails. This is an expensive alternative to buying a bottle of remover, but if you are on the go and like to keep something on hand this is great. My only suggestion would be to wash your hands afterwards, they left my fingers feeling almost oily. I don't know if it was remover residue or if they are infused with cuticle oil? Who knows, but I wasn't a huge fan.

The cuticle oil pen is nice. I just throw it in my purse and use it when my cuticles are feeling dry.

e.l.f. cosmetics are sold at participating Target's, but the nail polish line (from my experience) is exclusively sold online.

The following polishes retail for $2.00 online at eyeslipsface.
Nail polish remover pads and cuticle oil pen retail for $1.00 and can be found at your local target or online.

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