Friday, December 23, 2011

Soft Landings Sample

So a few weeks ago I saw on TraceFace Philes that she received a free sample from a company called Soft Landings Towels. The towels are used to put under your hands as you do your nails. I was intrigued so I signed up and just received my sample a few days ago!

The board underneath the package is what I usually do my nails on and it has polish and tape all over it so I was excited to try something new.
The sample came with two towels 16x18 in size. I love them! It was so soft and I was able to wipe my brush on the towel as I went along without having to make a mess. 
The towels are around the thickness of a paper towel but way more durable. 

If you would like a free sample, go here!

Unfortunately for non-salon users, the minimum towel purchase is 75 pieces for $19.95. The only problem stopping me is the quantity. I’m not sure I could use 75 of these towels, but for $19.95 I would definitely consider purchasing regardless. 

TraceFace Philes provides a much more in depth over view of the product so be sure to check her post out here!

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