Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6 - Violet Nails; China Glaze - Coconut Kiss

Day 6 - Violet Nails

China Glaze - Coconut Kiss

Today was a difficult day to decide. As is every day of this challenge. I guess that's why it's called a challenge. I can never decide on which color I want to use. #firstworldproblems. As I said before my final decision landed on Coconut Kiss from the Fiji Fling collection. 

I only used 2 coats and the formula was nice. It's a little on the thicker side, but really not that much. Definitely isn't watery. 





Once again the website looks absolutely nothing like what I swatched. Or anyone else for that matter. Blah. They need to do something about their Living In Colour section. It's cool and all, but what's the point when it's never accurate?? 

So I decided to Mattify it and add some glitter stripes. :) I'm so pumped. I have been SEARCHING for Seche Natural. No one ever carries it, but today I ended up finding it at CVS. I literally gasped. The people around me probably thought I was crazy. So excited.


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What do you guys think of Coconut Kiss? 


  1. This was one of my first china glaze polishes and one of my favorites too, love the stripping and your pics, they are great!

  2. Holly. those look absolutely amazing!
    does seche natural matte dry fast like regular seche vite does?
    I absolutely ADORE the look of matte nails!!
    I need this polish!!!

  3. A great color and that striping is fun!

  4. Thanks guys!! I ended up really adoring this color. Lol I'm finding so many shades I love with this challenge.

    @Lindsay - I think it dried relatively fast. Not as fast as Seche Vite, but when I use it again I'll do a time test or something haha I was too busy staring at it to remember to see when it was dry.


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