Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 13 - Animal Print; Peacock Feathers

Today's theme is animal print. Originally I was pretty excited for today's manicure, but then I realized the prints I'm good at I've already done. I wanted to branch out from my normal zebra and leopard print, and decided to go with peacock feathers. After attempting this manicure, I think it's easy to say that the feathers look best on the bird and maybe not on my nails. I guess this will be a print I have to master. 

It looks super brush stroke-y in the pictures, but not so much in person. Grr, quality camera picking up my mistakes. I used a million different polishes for this manicure, and ended up mixing colors to get certain shades I wanted. If you are curious about any colors feel free to ask!

Hope you like it! I'm still not sure how I feel about it haha I think it pales in comparison to my other nails thus far in the challenge.

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  1. Ooh it turned out so nice and authentic! Been really wanting to do a peacock mani!

  2. This doesn't look so bad. I like the color combo!

  3. Thanks you two. It definitely looked better in person. I just couldn't get it to photograph well it showed every brush stroke. Better luck next time I suppose :)


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