Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 16 - Tribal Print

Hi Everyone!

Ah, I missed yesterday. Unfortunately, winter break is over. That means going back to school. Now don't get me wrong, I'm so excited to be back at school having fun with my friends, but I also am not ready to go back to the daily grind of classes and homework. Yuck.

So I also wasn't able to post because I was busy packing, and by packing I mean procrastinating and catching up on Gossip Girl. Ooops!

With that being said here is my tribal mani! I obviously didn't go with the traditional tribal print, and pretty much marched to my own beat for this one.

I used a base coat of Julep Hayden. It's a neon peach and SO pretty. I can not wait to be tan so I can wear this nail polish every day. It's perfect. 

I also used a black, white, turquoise/aqua striper made by Stripe Rite. And a Sinful Colors nail art which is the red-dish color. I can't remember the exact name, but I'll get back to you on that if you want to know! Update: Sinful Colors nail art Time 2 Go

Be sure to check and see what the other girls did for yesterday's theme!


  1. I'm totally wow-ed! That's gorgeous tribal print girl :) & I love Julep polishes too!


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