Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 18 - Half Moon

Ahh! Late again. Classes have officially started. I have a feeling you will be seeing my late apologies a few more times. Of course the only first thing I unpacked was my nail polish. I started pulling the boxes out and my roommate was like seriously just give up on Engineering, just go to cosmetology school. haha I wish.

So here is my half moon mani! I used Julep's Maria and Whitney and a Stripe Rite Silver liner between the two.

Whitney is a smokey beige and is really a beautiful color. It's the perfect creme formula in my opinion. I used two coats of Whitney.

Maria is a foil/chrome finish rose. It initially reminded me of butter LONDON's Fairy Lights, but I think butter LONDON's has more lavender/purple tones.

I like this mani! and LOVE my new Julep colors.

Check and see what the other girls did for yesterday's challenge!

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  1. This is so so pretty Holly, I love the glitter detail on the lines.

  2. How pretty is this? I love it!


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