Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 28 - Inspired by a FLAG

School has been crazy these past few weeks. Exams are starting which totally sucks the life out of me. I am hoping to finish up with my challenge posts before the end of the month. Woah, dream big!

For today's post I really wanted to do Harry Potter flags, but I couldn't bear to put them on my nails only to have them chip. So I did them on a nail wheel and I'll post those later!

For the challenge though, I decided on Argentina's flag. It's a simple white and sky blue striped flag with a sun in the center.

I didn't really do the sun justice, but I did my best!

I used China Glaze Sea Spray for my base and China Glaze White On White for the stripe. For the sun I used Orly Spark.

I hope you like!

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Check and see how the other girls did for this challenge!

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