Sunday, May 20, 2012

No. 7 Stay Perfect - Milan

This is a polish my sister got me when she went to France. It is No 7 Stay Perfect in Milan (110). It's a pink and silver chrome finish. It definitely changes colors in different lighting. What surprised me the most about this color was the opacity. Usually with chromatic polishes I find myself needing a few coats for even full coverage, but this only needed 2. One coat probably would have been fine but I just did 2 out of habit. 

I like the color a lot!

My only negative about this polish is it leaves glitter all over your nails. I would definitely be prepared to used a strong remover and more than a few cotton balls.

Has anyone else tried No7 nail polishes? Do you recommend any other shades?

Talk soon!



  1. Just found your blog! Very nice! Just a tip, you may want to disable your word verification. I can't see the letters and people won't leave comments with it on.

    1. I didn't even know I could disable it! Thank you so much haha I hate word verification as much as the rest of them! :)


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