Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday Nails :)

I turned 22 on March 30 so I decided to do cupcake nails! They were really cute and were perfect for birthday festivities. I used a bunch of different colors and used rhinestones I bought from BornPrettyStore. If you're curious about a color feel free to leave a comment below.

Post again soon!


  1. Lovely! I especially like the thumb and middle fingers. What colors did u use?

    1. Hi! I just saw your comment now! If you're still wondering here are the colors I used:
      For the thumb I used a base coat of eyeslipsface - chocolate
      The wrapper is China Glaze in Re-Fresh Mint
      The stripes on the wrapper are a StripeRite Nail Art. They don't actually have names but it's a shiny turquoise (98761).
      For the frosting I used China Glaze - Princess Grace.

      For the middle finger:
      I used a base of Zoya - Neeka but you can't really see it. :(
      The wrapper is China Glaze in For Audrey.
      The stripes are Sinful Colours Nail art in Bonjour.
      The frosting is eyeslipsface in Chocolate.

      Hope this helps! I'm glad you like them!


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